Alcon Advantage Extreme brake kits for Golf R Mk7

Two options available 4 pot 365 mm or 6 pot 365 mm, both always in stock, ready to ship. Please contact us for price, or check

VW Golf R mk7 big brake kit RAYS ZE40

VW Golf R mk7 big brake kit RAYS ZE40

VW Golf R mk7 big brake kit RAYS ZE40

Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic kits in JDL offer

We are glad to inform, that we are new distributor of carbon ceramic discs manufacturer - Surface Transforms.

Zawieszenie KW DDC Volkswagen Golf Scirocco Passat CC

We offer full ST offer, including ceramic brake kit for Nissan GTR, Porsche 996 GT2 / GT3Porsche 997 Turbo / GT2 / GT3 a few models of Ferrari - 360 / 430 / 458, also for Aston Martin DBS and Bentley Continental. More information about Surface Transforms you can find on their website

Another brake discs for Audi from Alcon

New addition to Alcon offer - replacement discs for Audi RS4 B7 (QB6 chassis ) It's very good news for RS4 owners who is looking for performance replacement for OE brake discs. The new brake discs from Alcon are installed to OE bell, with fitting supplied by Audi. Please remember, that Alcon introduced a few weeks ago, discs and bells for Audi RS3 / TT RS. All of Audi discs are available from JDL, please contact us for more details.

Audi RS4 B7:

Audi RS3 8P / TT RS:

New Alcon brake discs for Audi RS3 8P / TT RS 8J can be ordered now !

Alcon developed new front brake discs for Audi RS3 and TT RS. These are Advantage Extreme grooved crescent discs, semi floating, with light alloy bells, and can be fitted as replacements for OE discs for OE Audi caliper. We can supply them with Pagid RS29 ceramic pads, what makes huge upgrade over stock brakes.

New delivery of rear 330x22 mm Alcon discs for VW Golf R / R32 / Scirocco R

We received new delivery of Alcon / JDL oversized rear discs for VW Golf R / R32 / Scriocco R. We offer them as discs with caliper carriers, OR as full kit - discs, caliper carriers, brake pads, brake lines. Please remember we stock Alcon 6 pot 365 mm / 4 pot 365 mm kits for Golf R / R32 / Scirocco, which will work great with new oversized 330x22 mm rear discs.

Alcon Superkit BMW Z4 E89

We would like to remind everyone, that we sell Alcon Superkit for BMW Z4 E89. Brake kit include 6 pot mono CAR87 caliper, 384 mm brake discs, Pagid RS9-2 or RS29 pads ( depends of your needs ) brake lines, and fitting kit. As you can see on pictures below OEM BMW 19" wheel clears Superkit caliper. For those, who don't need brake kit with such big discs, we have Alcon Advantage Extreme kit, with 6 pot mono caliper, and 365 mm discs.